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Cards Against Humanity, a card game where you need to finish a sentence or answer a question using existing cards. The funniest answer wins. Simple!There are loads of other platforms where you can play the game, like Wordner and Pretend You’re Xyzzy, but we8217;re a fan of the airconsole version, in which you can use your smartphones as controllers.Also: has a pretty solid version! This fantasy 2D platformer is like Altorsquo;s Adventure multiplied by Limbo to the power of moody atmosphere. The main character, a young boy, must work with a talking bird (just go with it) to free his sister from the basement where shersquo;s been locked - but their efforts lead to a dark secret. Itrsquo;s refreshing to see a browser game with a firm story, filled with dialogue options and environments to explore. Plus, Coma just looks lovely - all grey, blue and purple hues with a gorgeous soundtrack and clever designs. Itrsquo;s fairly quick to complete, but given itrsquo;s free and yoursquo;re looking for a brief distraction from work, is that really so bad?