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They did a great job packing and unpacking our furniture.We’re very efficient and very careful in handling our items. We get it. Not everyone has parking available to accommodate moving equipment overnight. One thing our customers love about U-Pack is the flexibility. Our moving consultants have seen just about every moving scenario and are happy to help figure it out. How fast you can drive in a U-Haul depends on the type of equipment and local speed limits. Learn about U-Haul max… Figure out which U-Haul you need with detailed information about the different U-Haul truck sizes. Check dimensions… U-Pack will use a moving truck to drop off your ReloCube in a residential driveway or an approved parking lot or street. Check that there’s legal parking available in your area before requesting the equipment. If you’re using your driveway, make sure it has a slant of no more than five degrees. If you’re looking to drop off a container at your storage unit, check with the property manager of the facility to ensure the best drop off times and whether it’s okay to leave it overnight.