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Great tips! I8217;ve always used a store-bought window cleaner for my own windows but your suggested solutions sound better. Especially since white vinegar is such a common household item. I8217;ve also never though to vacuum off windows that have excessive dust and dirt. Thanks for sharing! If your house has a large glazed extension or if you're lucky enough to have lots of large windows all around the house PLUS your home is somewhere that's prone to dirt build-up on windows, a window vac like Kauml;rcher can help you get the window cleaning job done quickly ndash; and with good results. Before you get started, sweep dirt from the window frame with a brush, or suck it up with a handheld vacuum or your machine's dust attachment. This will prevent dirt from turning into a muddy mess when mixed with a cleaner. If your window screen looks especially grimy, pop it out and wash with hot, sudsy water and a soft brush, then rinse and let dry before putting it back.